Sunday, April 7, 2013

April - It's Going To Be A Crazy Month

Goodness, I have spend this entire week trying to organize the month of April for getting things accomplished.  So much to little time!  After much thought I decided not to participate in A Lovely Year of Finishes this month, just can't see myself getting a UFO completed.  I've made my list of what HAD to be done this month.  First on the list is to make the tote bags for my local quilt guild retreat.  I have made 7 in the last couple of days and need about 15 more.  Not a difficult job but a little time consuming.  But I won't be able to show them here until after the retreat, which is the 3-5 of May, because I want them to be a surprise to guild members.

Next is to make my May Basket for guild,  I just don't like to use a wicker basket which is acceptable, but like to make my basket homemade.  Also not a difficult job but can't show it either until after meeting in May.

So on to the rest of my list....I need to cut out two or three projects for the 3 day retreat.  I don't want to cut at retreat, I just want to sew, sew, sew.  I will probably cut out my Easy Street Mystery from Bonnie Hunter, I know, it started in November and has been over forever, but as I have said before, I'm always behind.  I have been wanting to start my BOM from the Kansas City Star, it is a wonderful red and white quilt this year.  I'm only 3 months behind on that.  I also have 4 more blocks to complete for my Primitive Gatherings BOM from my LQS, so I will cut them out and sew them at the retreat also.  Plus I want to design the setting arrangement for this BOM, a couple of suggestion was included in our first set of blocks, but neither gave me that WOW factor, I need to make a couple of setting blocks and get them on the design wall so I can make a decision, then cut out the blocks so they can also be made during retreat too.

I've been doing a little work on my cancer quilt and would like to get the section I am working on in a position that I can blog about it.

And I MUST get further on my Challenge that I can't blog about because it is a secret also, until June meeting.

Oh, I just remembered and it isn't on the list!  I have to finish a quilt I have on the quilter for one of my students.

And lastly...I know this post is getting long (I'm sorry)!  Angelyn would like me to make pillow shams to go with her Log Cabin Heart quilt so I need to make 6 of each of the two blocks and play with them on the design wall to decide how I want to make them.  The pillows are King size so the pillow is 36" long, they can be 3 blocks across but not wide enough for 2 blocks. hmmm what to do.  Back to the design wall.

Well, I will try to get back and tell you how I am progressing, probably void of photos since most everything is a secret or will be just cut pieces but we shall see.
Dear hubby and I went for a little drive this afternoon and saw some beautiful daffodils so
Spring is here and I have to allow a little time to be out enjoying the birth of spring,

 so looks like my journey will take me on a fun filled busy month..hope your month is filled with smiles and stitches.