Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting Back in the Groove

Happy New Year to one and all....

Upon reflection on 2015 I find it was definitely an interesting year and I know I accomplished several quilting projects, but find it difficult to recall all that was accomplished.  Today is the first day to my blog since January 11, 2015.  Last year I felt I was spending too much time on the computer and not enough time getting those much loved projects completed. But as I look back I find not having the structure and stimulation of participating in the many blog projects I find interesting has not been as productive as I has anticipated.  So here I am back in the loop with dozen of projects dancing in my head.  I hope to reconnect with many blog friends that were followers of my blog in the past.

In the upcoming months I will visit about some of the happenings of last year but think I will start out slowly and will start with my latest endeavor the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt for this year.  This is the first one I have been able to complete the clues on time so since the reveal was last Thursday I have started to set some blocks together. I am really excited about this quilt and plan to focus, (hmmm perhaps focus needs to be my word of the year, will have to ponder that thought), on completing the top this month.

Here is one of the completed blocks, I really love the colors!

Off to sew. Life is a journey, enjoy your day.

Row Along Row 5

This is the final row of the Row Along and is exactly the same as Row 1.  I will begin with the finished row.
This is a very simple Road To California block but when blocks are rotated will create a zig-zag effect.
The fabric requirements for the row is as follows:

Color A  1 strip - 4 1/2" x WOF (width of fabric)   subcut into 8   4 1/2" squares
             1 strip - 4 7/8" x WOF                            subcut into 8   4 7/8" squares

Color B   1 strip - 4 7/8" x WOF                           subcut into 8   4 7/8" squares

Color C   2 strips - 4 1/2" x WOF                          subcut into 12   4 1/2" squares

For each individual block you will need:

Color A    2    4 1/2" squares
               2    4 7/8" squares

Color B   2     4 7/8" squares

Color C   3     4 1/2" squares

Now that the fabric is cut create your half square triangles.

You will use:   2    4 7/8" Color A  and   2    4 7/8" Color B squares.

You will need to draw a double line on the back of one color of your 4 7/8" squares.  To do this I like to use a sandpaper board, a ruler from the Omnigrid Ruler Trio Set and a Pigma Pen.

Place your lighter colored square on your sandpaper board and center the black center line of the ruler at the opposite corner of the block. 

Draw a line on each side of the ruler.

Sew a line of stitching on the inner side of the black line.  You can chain piece these and then just turn the chained squares around and feed them in again than create the half square triangle on the other side.

Lay a ruler on the stitching line on your finished square and cut along the edge of the ruler to create 2 half square triangles. Repeat with other square.

Press the seam to the dark side of the square. 

Trim off the dog ears.

Measure the finished square at this point to be sure it measures 4 1/2" square.  If the Square is more than 4 1/2" trim.  If it is not 4 1/2" you have taken too deep a seam and will need to unsew your stitches and resew further away from your pencil line and closer to the cut edge.

It is now time to lay out your block as shown below.

I generally sew my rows across and then sew those three row units together.
After sewing the first row of squares together, measure the unit to be sure it measures 12 1/2"

Sew the three rows together.  Repeat process with remaining three blocks.

Lay the blocks out in this order and sew together.

Well, that is it for this row.  
Assemble the rows in the order that I presented them here on the blog.  Take note that the bottom row is to be turned opposite of the first row.

For the First Border you will need:
8  3 ½” strips 
Sew in groups of two, one for each side.
Starting with the sides measure to size and cut two of your borders this size.
Measure quilt again and repeat with top and bottom borders.
For the second border you will need:
8  6 ½” strips
Repeat process same as  first border.  Your quilt is now completed.