Monday, June 3, 2013

My May NewFo's

There is nothing I enjoy more than to start a NEW project, as is quite apparent when I look at my bins of unfinished projects.  But I don't think I want to talk about that.  That is why I always love to link in over at Cat Patches for her NewFO Link Party.  You can find it here.  Even though my challenge has consumed most of my time I have squeezed in a little time for a couple of other things. First, I quilted this quilt for a guild friend that wanted it for our Quilt Show the last of this month.  It is truly a lovely quilt and the piecing was so well executed, quilting over the seams was no effort at all.  She did a great job.  
I still haven't made my blog post for my goals of the month or a finish for A Lovely Year of Finishes but you can be sure it will include a UFO of my OWN for the Quilt Show.
I also started this wall quilt called "Boo To You" by Connie Spurlock and Teri Chandler.
It measures 23" x 36" and I am making it for a friend.  She and her husband sells wonderful handmade wooden items at quilt shows and retreats.  They also have a selection of patterns for sale and this is a sample for their booth.
I love applique and this is so quick and easy compared to my Challenge quilt.
So this is what I started in May, not much I know, but I plan to make up for it this month.  Life is a journey, if sometimes a slow one.  Hope you are enjoying yours.


  1. you accomplish allot Sherry-love the ghosts

  2. I love the blocks on the quilt. Did you quilt any special pattern on this quilt or just and all over meander? You wall hanging is very cute and I love the 'boo' border fabric.

  3. wow Aunt Sherry you're a very important person on here :D

  4. Your quilting is lovely! The little Halloween wall-hanging is awfully cute!!

  5. What a cute little wall-hanging. Great projects. Thanks for linking up, Sherry.