Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last NewFO At Cat Patches

Now this is my kind of blog event. Many thanks to Barbara over at Cat Patches for hosting this great event. Learn all about it here.  Barbara will be hosting this same even in 2014 and the new button is on my side bar, so check it out and join in the fun, because who doesn't like to start new projects!
 I LOVE to start new projects.  So let me see if I can remember my December projects.  Actually I didn't  get much started but I did start and finish these jammies for my hubby for Christmas.
And a friend of mine came over and showed me this project she found on YouTube.  I asked her the name and she can't remember and she can't find it again.  She said she started out looking at Grandmother Flower Gardens and found this table topper.
I have searched and searched but all I came up with was this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AlS1bxSe24 for a denim quilt but the technique is very similar.  We used two circles and cut them with my GO die on the Studio Cutter so cutting was really quick.  Then traced a square in the center on each top square and this is the results.
Not finished yet but it is getting close.  I stitched down the petals with the blanket stitch.  Next time I will use a larger circle and square as not much of the center showed up.  But it was a fun quick project to try.  And finish is in sight.  3 more rows to stitch down and then turn up and stitch the outside edges.
I also decided I could keep up with Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery Celtic Solstice. OH silly, silly me.  We have been given Clue 5.  Well, I have Clue 1 complete and have started cutting Clue 2 so I am really playing catch up.
 It is quickly turning into a UFO but I will get back to it.  It's not a race, right?
That's all I got started this month, but trying to get myself more organized so hopefully I will accomplish more in the new year.
And many thanks to Barbara for hosting NEWFO's and the neat giveaway.
May you be blessed in your journey in the new year.


  1. Your husband is so cute in his jammies. That is a cute table topper. I've seen that technique used before in one of the doll quilt swaps.

  2. Cute table topper! Fun pj's. Did you have to bribe your guy to model? Mine wouldn't consider such a request.

    I'm behind on Bonnie's mystery too, though I've made at least a few pieces for each clue. I'm looking forward to seeing what we do with clue 6.

  3. This might be what you were looking for: http://www.schoolhousequilters.info/uploads/orangepeel-got_scraps.pdf

    If I remember correctly, she demonstrated this at our guild. I don't see any correlating product on her current webpage though (www.quiltershaven.net), at least not that I could see, but the pdf has all the instructions.

    I think the video is a VERY good demonstration :)

  4. I wish my hubby would let me sew him jammies!

  5. Good luck with Celtic Solstice! Here's the tutorial I was thinking of.


  6. Awwww, cute jammies! And you are right - it is NOT a race! Thanks for sharing your projects.