Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Celebrating The New Year Over At Let's Bee Social Sponsored by Sew Fresh Quilts

A very Happy New Year to everyone.  I can't believe I started my blog one year ago today.  I guess this is my blog anniversary isn't it?  I am excited to be participating today in Sew Fresh Quilt's Blog Event "Lets Bee Social".
Sew Fresh Quilts
You can read all about it right here.

I pondered many subjects for my post and after visiting with Lorna, author of Sew Fresh Quilts I decided to announce my first Row Along today.
For quite some time some of my students have asked me to design a BOM or something and teach the technique when they were given the instructions.  After much though and designing I decided on a Row Along.  Mainly because the students had not participated in one elsewhere.  I wanted the design to be interesting but not difficult.  I played for quite some time with 6" blocks but knew the piecing would be a little intricate so I  finally settled on 12" blocks and this design.  Dear hubby walked into the room after I had decided on this and said to him "How do you like this quilt?"  His response was "gorgeous".  So I hope others like it as well as he does.  But then he is my biggest fan.
The quilt shows much brighter on my computer screen sorry the photo is a little dull.
There are 4-12" blocks in each row and the quilt will measure approximately 66"x78".  I have decided to release the blocks and instructions on the third Monday of each month.  There are a lot of blog events on the first and last of a given month so that is why I decided to post this later in the month. January 20th will be the first post with the block, and photo step by step instructions for completing the block and the row.  I will be demonstrating my preferred technique to complete the task at hand and at times might discuss alternate methods if I feel it is relative. The Row Along will last for 6 months.

I designed the quilt with EQ6 and the program suggests the following fabric requirements:

Color A (black in photo)  1 7/8 yards

Color B (red in photo)  1 3/8 yards

Color C (floral in photo) 2 1/4 yards

Color D (green in photo) 7/8 yard

You will need to piece borders with these fabric requirements.  So if you do not want to piece your borders extra fabric will be necessary for Colors A and C.

My goal is for the participant to be able to go to their stash and be able to pull fabric for this project without a trip to the store.  And if you are like me your stash is totally out of control and finding these fabric requirements would be possible.

I am often asked how do I know how much fabric to buy....well, here is my take on it.  If I think I want to use it for a border and incorporate it in my quilt I will buy 3 yards because I generally do not make really large quilts.  For all other fabric I will buy 2 yards, that way it can be used in a project and then I have a little scrap for use in scrap quilts.

There will be a Linky Party the first of each month to document your progress and a giveaway at the end of the Row Along for all those who link up every month.  Your entire row does not have to be completed. Just show your progress even if it is your fabric laying next to your cutter.  If you play catch up as I often do, you can tell your progress on earlier rows as we row along.

I am truly excited to be participating in Let's Bee Social.. Thanks Lorna
May your journey today be filled with quilting fun and I hope you will join me as we Row Along.


  1. Happy New Year, Sherry! And Happy Blogiversary! Your idea for a row along is awesome and using up fabric that is already on hand will help those who's stash is out of control! What a wonderful way to begin a new year!

  2. Sherry - that looks like great fun! I'll be keeping an eye on this project although I don't think I'll have the time to participate. Thank you for offering it!

  3. Your row along quilt looks marvelous! Happy new year and so nice to meet you through the let's bee social Linky! I think I can remember a tutorial for that circle-square table topper, I shall find it for you.

  4. Love your row along-great for your students!
    Happy New Year

  5. Hi Sherry! Your quilt is lovely and I love the idea of a row along! Visiting from Sew Fresh Quilts! Happy New Year!