Monday, July 1, 2013

A Day of Rest From After Our Calico Quilters Show

I really believe I look a little better than this, but I am really tired today.  I was wanting to blog about several things but just couldn't muster the energy today after our fun filled show.
After receiving a lovely note from a blog friend and reader asking about me I decided to send this short post.  She reminded me I have not posted since I claimed my blog.  Boy!!! time sure flies when you are having fun or is my age showing, I'll never tell.  I will post about our show in a few days.
Never fear I have been keeping up with all the lovely blogs I follow.  Each and every one gives me inspiration,
Seems as if my journey keeps me moving, hope your days have been as fun filled as mine.


  1. No wonder you are wore out! Looking forward to seeing and reading about the quilt show! I mean - Everybody loves a quilt show.... Right?


  2. As always, so many wonderful quilts to see.