Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Interrupt This CELEBRATE

Our day started off as usual this morning with each of us having coffee in front of our computers, a quick breakfast and since it's the day before the Fourth of July, both of my students for the day had cancelled to prepare for the holiday.
I was in my sewing studio working on these little blocks..
They are 1.5" squares for the half square triangles and the 20 of them will go around an embroidery Santa and sleigh.  It is a machine embroidery done by my friend that sells at Quilt Shows and I am putting the borders on it for her.  I will show the embroidery when I show the finished runner.

When I was just about finished constructing the last of the 20 blocks the phone rang.  Hubby had come into the studio to say something to me and we both looked at the phone ID and saw it was the Medical Center that had recently processed a biopsy for a suspected basal cell cancer on the side of his face.  He had undergone MOHS surgery a couple of years ago on this same spot and the dermatologist saw the issue and suggested the biopsy.  Thus we have had this weighing on our thoughts for about two weeks now and we were both a little tentative when hubby answered the phone.  But the young lady at the other end of the phone calmed our fears by announcing the place was benign and no other follow up was necessary.
After hubby hung up the phone he said with a big smile on his face, "we need to celebrate".  So with nothing on the agenda for the rest of the day, I turned off the sewing machine and iron and off we went.  Did a little shopping and then a nice dinner.  Hubby enjoyed filet minion with salad and baked potato and I splurged with grilled shrimp and baked potato.  I generally do not eat meat, but this was definitely a special occasion.
Hubby and I grew up in the era when there was no sunscreen.  The only thing I really remember was fake bake as my friends and I called it that turned us orange and a streaked orange at that and Coppertone sun"tan" lotion, so as a result  hubby and I deal with skin cancer scares on a regular basis. Most can be frozen but hubby has had two of the MOHS surgeries and we were not looking forward to the third, but as for now we can rest easy.  Unfortunately I did not get to the Quilt Show photos I promised but  I believe tomorrow I will be able to post about the Challenges I talked about here.
So until tomorrow....may your journey be as happy as ours.


  1. Great news for your hubby! I just had a MOHS procedure done on my face :(

    I grew up in the same era as you two, apparently.

    Hope you both continue celebrating :)

    Love your little block, by the way.

  2. So glad for your news! Definitely a reason to celebrate! (Pat S.)

  3. So glad to hear the good news!

  4. wonderful news! glad you celebrated. I remember that orange stuff too-lol

  5. That's wonderful news !! Being a former "sun worshiper" I am beginning to experience the same thing. ~ Lisa