Saturday, July 6, 2013

Calico Quilter's Quilt Show...Challenges

It doesn't seem possible that it has been a week since our quilt show.  It is held the last weekend in June in connection with the annual Waterfest Festival.  Our town is known for it's historic waters.  You can read a little about them here.

But on with the Challenges.  I blogged about my Challenge here and told about the requirements for the Challenge.  We had 11 finished pieces entered into the show.  They were all really great.  I will start with the group picture.  "Group picture" reminds me of grade school.
Now the ribbon winners.  1st place was this lovely applique.  The 7 of Diamonds.  Where are the diamonds you ask?  The center of each flower has 7 diamonds.  I do hope you are able to see them when you enlarge the photo.
Second place went to this amazing scene.  Did you guess the card?  The 4 of Spades, check in the lower right hand corner.
Well, look who got third place.  My "Queenie",  the card was the Queen of Hearts.  I feel honored to place with all of these fantastic art quilts.
Honorable Mention went to the 3 of Clubs.  The scene depicts the three "clubs" she has  belonged to in her lifetime.  One was a car club, I think, the Garden Club and the Quilt guild.
Not placing, but still fantastic were the following:
The lady that drew the King of Hearts made this one first.  Elvis "the King of Rock and Roll".
When she was about finished she realized she should have made King Kong since it was her favorite movie when she was a child.  So she made a second one.  Say hello to King Kong complete with a blonde figure from her granddaughter's doll house.  Planes flying over at the top of the piece and New York across the bottom.
 Next is the 4 of Diamonds.  I really liked the four diamonds in the opposite corners like in a playing card.
The next card was the 2 of Diamonds.  But she tried to trick us by throwing those clubs in there.
How about "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil".  The monkey's have the eyes, ears and mouth "x ed" out.  Of course it is the 3 of Hearts.
This is the 4 of Hearts.  This lady had worked on the pineapple blocks that we paper pieced for our Opportunity  Quilt.  See it here. She enjoyed the paper piecing so much she decided to use it in her Challenge.  Oh and by the way, she won the Opportunity Quilt.  She had put her granddaughter's name on the ticket.  Granddaughter is 3 years old.  When asked, she said SHE was keeping it.  But will be a fun story to tell her granddaughter when she is old enough.

And last, but certainly not least is the Ace of Diamonds.
Well, that does it for the "Challenges",  each and everyone a winner in my book.  I will blog about other quilts in the show soon.  Till then, hope your journey involves a little quilting.


  1. Oh my - what brilliant pieces - congratulations on your placement.

  2. They are all so wonderful. I would have hated to judge those. Congratulation on you placement too.

  3. these are all amazing-congrats on your placing-how thrilled you must be

  4. Wow these are no ordinary quilts!

  5. Ooooo yay! Congrats on your third place ribbon :) Show if off proudly with that fine quilt.

  6. What a fun challenge idea, and such creative responses! Congrats on winning a ribbon!

  7. Congratulations on getting third place, Sherry!

    1. And thanks for sharing your quilt show photos! I agree.... Everyone's a winner!

  8. Congratulations on your ribbon! What a wonderful collection of quilts. All are fantastic!!

  9. congrats on your ribbon Sherry all wonderful quilts-