Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Member of My Sewing Machine Family

This is Fancy, the newest member of my sewing machine family.  She is an electronic featherweight about the same weight of her sister from the '50, but she has lots of stitches, needle up and down and push button start and stop among other features.
She by no means takes the place of her sister Marvina, first generation of  featherweights.  (Marvina got her name from a family  member that made most of her clothing on a 50's Featherweight) machine that she purchased new. Featherweights are a favorite of mine to carry to sew-ins and retreats, but there are times when I may be wanting to applique and Marvina just can't carry out that task.
I love the look, feel and sound of the older machines, but tend to gravitate toward the newer models because medical issues makes it difficult for me to use a foot pedal which means I use the foot pedal with my hand, kind of like a hand crank with electricity.  But one handed sewing is not conducive to intricate piecing so I seek other alternatives, but still love and appreciate my older machines, of which there are many....all with a story and a memory.
Make some memories today and enjoy the journey.


  1. That's sew sweet! I think of my sewing machine as family, too. His name is Janome. Love that your machines are both girls!

  2. Yes, all my machines have names, all of them are special in the own way and have their own personality, so I think they deserve names. Thanks for your reply!