Friday, February 22, 2013

Room For One More

Oh my goodness! I went through the family room where I teach my classes after getting dressed this morning and what did I find in my student sewing table?
This is MJ (mini Janome) a Janome Jem Platinum 760 and she is wonderful, almost a mini version of her big sister Jan (Janome 6600P).  She has needle up and down, reverse , start and stop button, needle positions and 60 stitches.
After ohhhs and ahhhhs and hugs and kisses for my wonderful hubby who thought this machine looked neat and thought I had to have it for my birthday, I forgot whatever it was I was heading to do and set to work to see just how MJ was going to perform.
She did not come with many feet especially the feet we quilters like, so I ran to the studio and borrowed Jan's 1/4" foot and her F2 open toe foot and proceeded to check the 1/4".  I like a scant quarter when I am piecing so I check for accuracy even when I have a 1/4" foot.  And I found that the seam was going to be too large for my liking so I moved needle position 2 points to the right and success I had just the perfect scant quarter inch seam allowance I prefer.
So I grabbed the blocks I cut yesterday and began to sew and the next thing I know its 11:30 am and we hadn't even had breakfast, but I was having fun and hubby was working with some snow after a kind friend had bladed the drive so given the time, I prepared a little lunch, sewed another block and completed 3 perfect 12 1/2" blocks and since these are sampler blocks that makes me smile really big.  MJ is not temperamental at all, she is quiet, and smooth with a great balanced stitch that is straight as an arrow.
I had expected to complete more than three blocks today but found I needed to spend a little time with the manual and getting accustomed to the feel and performance level of my new machine.  So its probably a good thing the roads were not that good today for us to go out because I'm afraid hubby might have had a difficult time tearing me away from the new machine.  Hope you all had a wonderful day,  remember life is a journey and there is always room for one more machine!


  1. My husband needs to hang out with your husband. What a wonderful surprise birthday gift !!!

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have! I am glad you have your little MJ calibrated and "footed up "!
    I came over from Barbara at Cat Patches.
    I look forward to following your new blog!


  3. I bought the same machine at a car and quilt show a couple of years back. It was brand new to the store so I got a bunch of quilter goodies with it for a screaming deal. I LOVE this machine.

    Koodos to hubby, happy birthday to you and I'm sure you'll enjoy.