Saturday, February 16, 2013

UFO Busting Update

Well, it is mid-February and time for the Lovely Year of Finishes update.  My project for the month is my Buzzsaw quilt.  It had been on the quilter since mid December and not any stitching had occurred until a few days into February and I am sooo happy to say the quilt is now OFF the quilter and trimmed.
Since this photo, the binding has been machine sewn and is ready to be hand sewn down.
When I first saw this blog post for the Lovely Year of Finishes, I was really excited to think this might give me the discipline to actually finish some things.  I had made a list of ALL my UFO's and it is NOT a pretty sight.  Still some things from the early 80's.  I had also thought that it might put a little added stress to think I HAD to finish something, but that was short lived as I decided it was no big deal if I didn't finish. I was confident the quilt police would not come after me.
And now mid way through my first month of Lovely Year of Finishes I am sooo happy I have decided to participate, because I am confident the February quilt will be completed by the given time and I am already planning what the March project will be on the agenda for completion.  I think since I missed January I will try to put two smaller project in one of the months, so I really will have twelve finished pieces by the end of the year.  Hope you all have a great and productive day.

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