Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day of This and That

We still have snow...........
Our sidewalk to the front door is somewhere under that snow, but it is getting better.  The drive is clear and the porch is clear so that's the path to the door.
We got out today.  First thing of the morning was my yearly mammogram.  I get really nervous about the results of this since my breast cancer, so I got a call early this afternoon from the wonderful mammogram tech saying that my results were clear and she would see me next year.  Generally she would send a letter with the results, but since the cancer she calls me and that call is so appreciated.
Next a trip to Michael's....I wanted to get A ball of yarn that I hadn't been able to find since Christmas.  One of my quilting students said she had gotten some and it was even on sale.
Don't you like the color I chose?  Oops guess I can't count to one.  I just couldn't decide, so my one turned into five.  In my defense. it was ON SALE.  And I NEEDED it because I crochet while hubby drives to whatever the destination or while he runs in to pick up something in a store and I am along.
This is the scarf in progress, these spiral scarfs are so much fun, so now I won't run out of something to do, I have a new ball of yarn, well maybe five new balls of yarn.
Actually I also have the thread for spool pin covers in my carry along bag, you know to replace those little red felt circles that come with our sewing machines, they are just so cute and fancier than the red felt.  And you really need something under your spool if you have a vertical spool pin, it will keep your spool from spinning and will allow your thread to come off the spool more evenly.  These go very quickly and I can do one in about 10 minutes and make cute little gifts to quilting friends.

And I have been quilting on the Log Cabin Heart quilt.  My quilter has a 26" quilting space and I'm just about done with one row and have already used 2 bobbins, and the bobbins are larger than our sewing machine bobbins, gonna take awhile to get this one quilted.
Well, that's what has been going on in my world.  Oh and hubby took me out to dinner to celebrate my results! The journey continues.....hope you have a great evening!


  1. Hey mom it's Mikey,I'm so happy about your results,God bless you, I love you ! :)

  2. Congratulations on your clean results! It is nice of the tech to call you insread of having to wait. I need to re-teach myself how to crochet. I used to know a couple of the basic stitches, but have forgotten. That is a much prettier idea than the felt!

  3. congrats on the good news Sherry-love your new yarn, and what a cool idea for your spoolpin

  4. Good news! I had my mamogram last week and the letter was in the mail when I got home today. Good news all around :).

  5. Great news, Sherry! God bless you! Angel

  6. Congratulations on your test results, Sherry! And is it ever nice to see the snow receding! Love seeing the first comment to this post.... Very touching!