Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Rainy Sunday

Today is cold and rainy so it has been a good day to experiment in the kitchen, among other things.  We had a nice visit to the health food market and that will be another post when I can concentrate instead of prattle. Most of my concentration has gone to feeling my heart beat in my foot again.  Been on it too much today and you will see as I prattle on...

First a little background, (told you I was prattling) we have noticed for quite some time that dear hubby seemed to have allergy issues when he ate, for several years nothing serious, just the cough, nasal issues,  well for several months now his tinnitus had become quite bothersome.  Depending upon what we ate I started suspecting a wheat allergy not the celiac problem but an allergy none the less and I headed to my medical authority, the internet and sure enough a gluten allergy can cause tinnitus.  We also confirmed this with our medical doctor while he was working on my foot.  So our visit to the health food store became even more interesting.  I purchased everything for gluten free baking and this morning armed with my recipe and info I had gleaned from the web I proceed to make my bread.  I am dairy free, meat free, soy free and egg free.  The plot thickened, egg replacements and all, I can't believe it took me sooo long to get a loaf a bread ready for the bread machine, (the method recommended by a couple of the recipes).

I kept reading about gluten free bread machines, well lets just say mine is not.  It mixed and baked and hubby wanted to take a pic and I said a resounding NO!  Strangely enough; taste 10, visual appeal 0.  As I was grumbling hubby kept saying "All I care is it tastes good".  Lesson number 1, don't use the bread machine until you perfect the recipe.  I believe the issue stems from needing a couple of more tablespoons of liquid.  Will try my mixer and dough hook, and the oven next and will let you know if I do any better.  While the bread was baking I put some steel cut oats in the crockpot with cinnamon.  They turned out great!  Is it time for breakfast yet?  Then while the bread was cooling, I decided to take the quilt off the quilter, yes I put the last stitches in last evening, hubby saw me and came to help take the pins out and he carried it to the cutting table where he helped me move the quilt so I could trim it.  Isn't he the best! By this time foot was saying, "HELLO".
But alas, it's time to get lunch I wanted to try a pasta casserole that is a favorite of hubby's with gluten free pasta.  I used a quinoa/corn pasta and rice based mozzarella, it was really good but it needs a little less liquid....I can't win, I should have put the pasta liquid  in the bread, well on second thought maybe not.
Lunch over, I'm starting to feel my heart beat in my foot again, and after that issue had subsided yesterday.  But I still wanted to cut my binding, so it is cut and sewn together but foot said "don't even think about it" as I headed to the ironing board.  Actually it was more intense throbbing, but I got the idea.  So here I am in front of the computer and will have my foot up the rest of the evening.  Will do some hand work, wish it was the binding, but maybe tomorrow.
Sorry this is so long but before I go I want to show you the cutest little birthday gift a student brought me a couple of days ago...

Aren't they cute!
Here they are open and a dime to give you a comparison for size.  They cut thread really well. I even trimmed a dog ear off a triangle. Wouldn't they be great on a plane?  They are headed for my hexie take along bag.  THANK YOU Connie.
Oh, gotta go hubby just got out the popcorn popper, at least we can still eat popcorn!  Enjoy your journey!


  1. Hi Sherry. I enjoyed reading your blog! The itty bitty scissors are adorable. I wanted to tell you that I started to learn how to knit. I know it isn't quilting, but I thought you would still be proud :) I am so sorry your husband has developed a gluten allergy. Trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle is a constant battle for me. I wish you both the best!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog too. learning to cook and bake differently is definately a learning curve and I have been doing it for at least 20 years now and still learning. the good thing is there is so much information out there now, and if you google for blogs there are many out there-most with good recipes. if you go to pinterest I have a gluten free board over there and have pinned quite a few recipes.
    I have learned with baking breads cookies or what ever gluten free, I have better results doing everything by hand. most times your dough will get over mixed and turn into a "glue" when using electric mixers. So I mix everything by hand now.
    love those cute little scissors-hope your feet are feeling better this morning-and I agree popcorn is always "safe" lol I use virgin olive oil now with sea salt and sometimes a little rosemary

  3. Hi Sherry! Gluten issues.....I just made a GF blueberry yogart muffin recipe. (I think you could use goat milk yogart).. It was so yummy. I have Quinoa noodles I use. I do ok with rye bread every once in awhile.....I have a bad corn allergy....Have to work around it. Be healed in Jesus mighty name you guys! Hugs, Angel