Saturday, March 9, 2013

That First Stitch

I admit it, I'm procrastinating! I have the borders quilted on the Log Cabin Heart and I am pleased with the results and I am now ready to venture into the Log Cabin Blocks.  I know what I want to do.....
 BUT, now I am finding every excuse I can not to start into that white fabric.  I have asked hubby to raise the roller a little for me, I have eaten my breakfast, hubby saved me by saying he would like me to test out a couple of machines for him sometime.   I said eagerly, "I can do that right now". He was surprised as I usually put that on the back burner, but it sounded like a really good thing to do this morning!
Hubby restores all types of sewing machines and has been working on this Singer 99.  It needed some rewiring as he felt the electrical was not quite safe enough.  He also gave it a spa treatment and now it purrs right along.
Next was a little modern Singer Featherweight, it is new and he wanted to know how it sewed because it will soon have a new home.  It performed very nicely.  I checked it for a perfect 1/4" and it will be going to a quilter to carry to class instead of her big machine.
And I decided I really needed to do a blog post, but alas it has come to the end and I'm going to have to go put that stitch in, because it is my day to quilt, nothing on the agenda and I don't think I can find any more wish me luck and hopefully today's journey will end with lots of quilting completed on the Log Cabin Hearts!


  1. LOL I do that too! I accomplish about 1 border a day on my machine quilting. I would rather do something else.

  2. Best wishes on your quilting! Neat to know that your hubby fixes and restores machines!

  3. Sherry! This blessed me so much today to see the above! I came home from church today after having a tough time during praise and worship of some symptoms of MS, Lymes, Fibromyalgi, Systemic Candida, Multiple Chemical Sensitivites, addrenal gland exhaustion. We had a prophetic guest speaker who is our Pastors pastor from Loisiana. He prayed over me and said some things that only God knows! It really blessed me. Praising Jesus in the good times and bad. I love this blog because seeing and hearing the journey makes me smile and blesses my heart so much. Praying you are having a blessed week! Love and hugs my new Friend. Angel Lollar

  4. I need your hubby to help me with a few vintage motors. So far, I just take the motors off the machines, and turn them into hand cranks. One of these days I need to figure out how to rewire some of these, so that I can use the motors when I want to, but, they are more fun without the motors so far.

  5. The quilting in the borders looks lovely, Sherry. I really like the colour of the thread, too! I can understand... Best not to press ahead until you are ready and feeling like it's time! Glad to see your progress on this big beauty!