Monday, March 25, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes for March Log Cabin Heart

Well here it is, FINISHED, I really can't hardly believe that I was able to get this completed with 6 days to spare.  Many thanks go again to the gals that are hosting A Lovely Year Of Finishes.  Having a goal is great for me since I am a list maker and goal setter.
A Lovely Year of Finishes
Click this button on the right side of my blog to go to this site.  Linking up is easy and I am finding it a great experience.  Checking off my list of UFO's is very satisfying also.  I may even get brave and try to finish a COUPLE of UFO's for April.
Well, back to Log Cabin Hearts....I used King Tut Egypsy Rose #403 for the quilting.  I used one 2,000 yd spool for bobbin thread and one 2,000 yd for the top.  Both spools have less than 500 yds left on each so I estimate there is about 3,000 yds in the quilt.  I used Hobbs Heirlooms for the batting.
Here is a closeup of the border quilting.
Now the only thing left is to call Angelyn and tell her she can pick it up and say goodbye to Log Cabin Hearts, I know it is going to a good home.  I am showing great restraint by not calling her too early in the morning.  It was actually finished yesterday, but I try not to do any business activity on Sunday.  So the clock is ticking slowing for me this morning.  But it is all part of the journey.  I am always in awe of the wonderful experiences and friendships you come across as a quilter.  Hope your day is filled with joy.


  1. Oh that's pretty with the hearts. Congrats on the finish! I've found the Lovely Year of Finishes to be such a motivator. I've finished some WIPs (and UFOs) that were sitting around for a really really long time. Isn't it great?

  2. Beautimus, loverly, precious, priceless. Those are a few words that come to my mind. A little more delayed gratification (fruit of patience) wait for Dennis schedule to come with me to pick it up! What a blessed freshness to start the spring season off. New beginnings! Thanks, Sherry! (It is hard to really sum up words sometimes...) See you this week. Hugs and Love, Angel

  3. I am so glad you like it, Angel. Yes it is difficult to have the patience to wait for you to see it in person. See you soon

  4. Your quilting is gorgeous! do you quilt for others as a business?

    1. thanks for the link for finishes-I may just join in for that

  5. Great finish, Sherry! Wow, that is wonderful. Hope you are feeling well, too.

  6. Great finish Sherry it is beautiful. I love your quilting and that is quite a mileage round the quilting

  7. Gorgeous piecing!What a great finish!

  8. A beautiful quilt. I love log cabins anyway, and this is a great variation.