Thursday, March 7, 2013

How I Trained My Dragon

Actually, I'm not a big fan of dragons, because I am a bit intimidated by anything that breathes fire and can make toast out of me if it sneezes, but dear hubby and son seem to think they are pretty neat.  Now not just any dragon mind you, the dragon has to look just right.  Naturally being a quilter, I thought son needed a dragon quilt or at least a wall quilt.  The search began, I looked and looked for an applique pattern to fit the criteria of a "good looking" dragon (according to hubby).  Hubby kept saying if I found a picture he could use as an example he could draw my applique pattern. Nothing was ever right, until one day I found a small picture and then hubby started drawing.  Now I'm just as picky about my quilts as they are about their dragons, so drawing the pattern was not as easy as dear hubby had imagined.  But he got it accomplished.....
It;s laying on white is invisible machine appliqued and machine quilted.
 Here is an up close view of dragon trying to make toast out the the knight. The knight is wearing red satin and I machine stitched around each of the castle stones.  There is an overlay over the water because the moon is shining on it and the moon is even quilted with the shadows like we see when we look at the moon. Oh and I get it all finished, label too and hubby says "he needs gold toenails" I say "that should have been done BEFORE the quilting".  Long story short dragon has gold metallic toenails.
 Any way, dragon lives on son's wall and has since Christmas 2009.  Hubby and I call it dragon but the label says Knight's Quest.
Just thought you would like to know how I Trained My Dragon.  Hope you are having a great day


  1. I like it! I am a dragon lover too, but I don't think I have the talent to make a quilt as nice as this!

  2. very cool!family team work too love the castle too

  3. Nice! It is great to hear how your husband and yourself collaborate in the process. Even if his idea was a little later than preferred! The toenails do look great!