Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little More Organized

As my very wonderful, handy hubby creates a new home for my Studio die cutter.....
I in turn decided I should attempt to make in improvement in my quilting studio, so off I go on a mission.  Upon entering trying to decide what to tackle first my eyes fall on the toe separators I recently purchased.  I had read a recent tip (I believe in Fons and Porter Love of Quilting) about using toe separators to hold your bobbins. The one in the tip was the five slot kind and would hold 5 bobbins, but on my search for this item I came across the individual ones.
So I decided this was the morning that I take the bobbin mess of tangled threads
and wind them neatly and place them in the toe separators
In a perfect world I kinda wish the separators were a neutral color so my thread color would stand out better, but I do feel this is a definite improvement to my unorganized mess, as I can now tell at at glance if I have a particular color bobbin and if I have a particular quilting thread on a bobbin because I separated them to the left from my regular sewing cotton threads.
Every minute counts when you have lots of fun things to do so hopefully you will find this a time saver too.
Now I'm off to do a little sewing and to try out my new organized bobbin holder.
Life is a Journey......Enjoy!!

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