Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inspiration Overload

YES! Inspiration overload.  I find myself wanting to make all the wonderful quilts and other small projects I see.  Where was all this in the late '80's and early '90's. We had great designers and nice books and patterns but the amount of creative inspiration out there today is fantastic along with a little overwhelming.

Great books on every subject imaginable and more magazines to subscribe to than ever, not to mention catalogs and all of the great finds on the internet, mystery quilts, challenges, quilt alongs, block of the months.  So many generous talented and  artists out there....where do I begin.  I find myself wide eyed going from this site muttering oh I need to print that or put this in favorites or join this blog and that blog, to the latest magazine that has come in the mail.  I always know of its arrival because dear hubby comes in with the mail and shouts out "your ____magazine is here."  And I immediately stop what I am doing to rush to see what wonderful projects fills it's pages.
This is the wonderful world of quilt making,  I once had a doctor tell me that I would need to find a hobby or something that I was passionate about because the day would come when my pain would be severe enough I would need an incentive to get out of bed.  Well, no fear of that as I fall asleep thinking of what projects I will accomplish on the morrow and wake up early thinking if I get up now I can get more done.
Perhaps we need more hours in a day, don't think I can go on less sleep in the hours we have in a day now.
Life is a journey go find something you are passionate about.


  1. Yes, special friend, life is a journey and need to find something I am passionate about. I have a lot of projects; even quilting things to do and hope to find the time to do some when I get back from Florida. Love you and have a blessed day. Janet

  2. Have a great time Janet Love you too