Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Sew Time

I generally don't get a lot of quality sew time during the week, but knew this weekend might allow me to finish the first 32 blocks of the Log Cabin Heart quilt for Angelyn and her husband for their 33rd wedding anniversary.  The next set of blocks will be Log Cabin Hearts and there are only 16 of them so with a few more hours of sew time I should have all my blocks for the top.
I really like the small squares going diagonally across the block.  Since I chain sewed these blocks, I had all 32 before I knew what they looked like.  For sewing the blue logs I just chained each of my blocks one after the other on one of my strips of fabric and then cut them apart and squared them up.  For the white log that was not possible.  Each white strip had to be cut to the correct size and a dark blue square sewn to the end of it and then each of them was sewn to the block.
The more I look at these squares, the more anxious I get to experiment with a scrap quilt using this block pattern.   Ohhh so many quilts, so little time.  Have a great day.


  1. I am getting excited! I LOVE the colors. I appreciate the hard work and LOVE you are putting into this anniversary quilt dear Friend! May God give you increased energy, endurance, strength to accomplish all He has given you to do. Believing for 2013 to be a year were miracles and dreams/hearts desires come true for you and your honey. Love and prayers, Angel

  2. Thanks Angel, its coming along nicely, just 16 more blocks and we will start seeing a quilt.