Sunday, January 13, 2013

Log Cabin Quilts: Forever Timeless

I took my first quilt making class in 1982. a Log Cabin class, the colors not my favorite but a good intro to quilting and it is finished.

Then I was on to a Log Cabin Christmas Tree class having found the Log Cabin  technique to be fun.  My third class was the ever popular Sampler Class.
 I do believe every quilt maker of that era made a Sampler.I enjoyed learning the new and different techniques in this class. A few weeks into the class the Log Cabin block was to be the block of the week.  As I sit there with a look of contentment, because I knew this was only going to take in about 15 minutes to complete, I find my teacher addressing me personally. "Sherry, since you have already completed 2 other Log Cabin projects I want you to do something different."  My reply was....."I don't understand", as my dream of a quick 15 minute block is crushed.  Her reply was that,  " I would figure it out."  It could be anything but the block as given in the book.  The rest of that class was a blur to me as she explained the construction method to the rest of the class.  My little brain was in a whirl as to what I could do.  I was pretty much in panic mode.  After class I decided to look at the quilting books before heading home.  There were numerous Log Cabin variations but nothing to make the block different.  About to leave in dismay I went past a new display and there in all its glory was a new book by Crystal Carter entitled "Holiday Happenings",  with pieces created in all Log Cabin blocks.  My excitement rose as I picked up the book to see if it might be of help to me.  There were many beautiful pieces, but all much larger than than my block to go into my quilt.  I purchased the book anyway...for inspiration and because I never met a quilt book I didn't like.

That week went quickly and it took a lot longer than my predetermined 15 minutes, but I arrived in class with my Log Cabin block.  My first self designed block and my first applique handle.  Sure glad my applique improved.  I will show a few more Log Cabin projects in a future post while I am documenting the progress of the quilt for Angel for her 33rd wedding anniversary.
This Log Cabin variation for her is different yet.  Instead of applying the logs two light and and then two dark around the block. This quilt is done in units and then the units sewn together.
The unit on the left will be turned over and sewn to the left side of the block on the right which will be the beginning of a "chain" going across the block. (The navy floral will form the chain.)
Enjoy your day, this afternoon I will be checking out how Pat Sloan is going to be doing some UFO (UnFinished Objects) Busting and you can be sure I have lots of those unfinished quilt tops and pieces and parts of quilts to be busted.

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  1. This was a very encouraging blog!I LOVED that Christmas tree! I dont have your email so I was wanting to send you a link to ins you. Hugs, Angel