Sunday, January 20, 2013

My New Quilt Ladder

Yesterday was another beautiful day of 63 degrees before our temperatures plummeted to 22 degrees overnight, so dear hubby and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and headed out on another day trip to see what we could find.  Though having a lot of fun looking around I didn't find any thing that caught my fancy until the very last shop.
Having been a quilter for MANY years, I have lots of quilts and granted they cover lots of the walls, chairs and bed in my home.  I still have many quilts residing in a closet, so when I saw this quilt ladder with a shelf at the bottom I was delighted.  I went to another area of the store in search of hubby to show him my find.  He looked it over and deemed it sturdy enough to serve my purpose and said, "where are you going to put it?"  My ever practical hubby had raised a very good point, finding an empty wall would be challenging.  But we both agreed it was a very good deal and we would "find a place".
I awoke at 5 am trying to think of where to place my new acquisition, hubby woke soon after and and we discussed the options for placement of the ladder that I had mulled over.  Well, none of my ideas were very successful so we decided to take the photos in our entry and then move it to the area where it will reside, once we find that spot.  I really wanted the ladder in the family room so I could see my chosen quilts displayed  everyday, and that is where we concentrated our search.  Hubby finally spotted an area behind the loveseat that might work, and all we would have to move was a floor lamp.  Hubby was liking this idea more every minute because moving the lamp would be alot easier than moving furniture.
We placed the chosen quilts on the ladder and snapped this shot.  A display for Valentine's Day and then hubby carried the ladder to its chosen spot and is now placing bed risers under the legs to raise it up a little to show off the bottom quilt.  And the bonus is that the bottom shelf allows more quilt storage.
I will need to change these out often so they will not suffer light damage.  They are not directly in the sunlight, which is always a concern for me.  But for now, hubby and I are both pleased with our work.  Have a great day and enjoy your journey.

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