Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A new year is here and time to decide the priorities in my life.  My first and foremost is always to share all the fun moments I can with my wonderful hubby .It's been 2 years and five months since my breast cancer.  That experience has certainly been an eye opener.  
As a quilter I seem to always want to mark events with a quilt,  The quilt to express my feelings about my cancer has been developing in my mind ever since my diagnosis.  I feel I work well with fabric but to put what I see in my head on paper to put into fabric is a definite challenge for me.
Well, I feel the Lord always works things out and  knowing my desire to make this quilt HE arranged a visit from my cousin, my very talented cousin I might add.  I was describing to her of my idea for the quilt and my inability to put it on paper and she stated that she designed patterns for her stained glass with a computer program and said she would be happy to help me get my ideas on paper. 
So,,,,here's to the new year, pattern in hand I will be constructing the quilt this year, sharing my techniques along the way. I will also be sharing info on food and other quilting projects I do along the way.  Have a great day!!

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  1. Hello My Friend, So glad to see your blog; I have been thinking about setting one up but haven't done it yet. I wish I lived close so I could take classes from you. Hope you and Mike had a great holiday seasons. Love, Janet